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A:   亲爱的听众朋友们,大家中午好!校金玉之声广播台温馨提醒您,今天是           2019        日,农历的           号。咸宁今天的最高气温是      ℃,最低气温是      

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A:   亲爱的听众朋友们,大家中午好,这里是由校金玉之声广播台为您倾情打造的一档英文栏目《NOTE  BOOK》,我是主播          。

B:   Good  afternooneveryonewelcom  to  listen  to  this  issue  of  note  book  l am         

A:   不得不承认你是个很天真的人,一个社交场合,就想吐露你全部的心声,交个朋友就想往来一生,尽管有时候故作姿态说着一切顺其自然。

B:   I have to admit that you are a very naive person. When you are in a social situation, you want to express all your feelings.

A:   可心里不愿让美好的事情发生一丝改变,对于一个在情感上没有远见的人来说,最大的期盼大概就是,希望所有的感情都能真挚且长久了吧。

B:  But I do not want to change the beautiful things in my heart. For a person who has no vision emotionally, the biggest expectation is probably that all the feelings will be sincere and lasting.

 A:   我想,要努力,为了想要的生活,为了人间的烟火气,为了今天的风和月,希望我们每天连微笑都是甜的。

B:   I think, to work hard, for want of life, for the world of fireworks, for today's wind and the moon, I hope that we even smile is sweet every day.

A:   所以,愿你忠于自己,活得认真;笑得放肆,走也走的潇洒,做一个让世人羡慕的人。

B:   So, may you be true to yourself and live seriously; Laugh unbridled, walk also to walk unrestrained, do a person that lets the world envy.

                      ~~ <Unpredictable>~~

                               Jackson Yee


A:   亲爱的听众朋友们,欢迎收听本期《Note Book》第一板块《The Voice》。今天小编在这里为大家介绍一首歌曲,<Unpredictable>

B:  《Unpredictable》是易烊千玺于20171128日发行的英文单曲,由Dave Gibson作词,David GamsonDave Gibson作曲 。

AUnpredictableis the English single released by Jackson on November 28, 2017. It is written by Dave Gibson and written by David Gamson and Dave Gibson.

B:  2018819日,该曲获得2018亚洲新歌榜年度十大金曲奖。

A:  The song won the top 10 golden melody awards of the 2018 Asian new song chart on aug 19, 2018.

B:  《Unpredictable》旋律舒缓优美,反复回旋中带给人以空灵宁静之感。易烊千玺磁性柔和的嗓音,低吟浅唱“I live a life, unpredictable.”淡淡的忧伤与年轻无虑的精神内核相融,诠释了当下大多数人的心理状态,与其预测着看不见的未来,不如抛下顾虑和枷锁,肆意生长。未可知的一切,皆是精彩的开场。

A:  The slow, beautiful melodic experience of pushing and pushing brings only an eerial sense of calm. A soft, magnetic Jackson voice, singing only a limited experience of "I live a life, experience." your experience, only limited, and pushing your limits, only pushes your limits. Everything unknown is a wonderful opening.

B:  该单曲延续国际首席团队倾力打造的风格,联手美国制作人David Gamson及词作者Dave Gibson,并由两位音乐大师联合谱曲。

A:  Following the lead of the international team, the song was written by American producer David Gamson and lyricist Dave Gibson, and by two music artists.

B:  易烊千玺在录音的时候想着,未来也许很迷茫很不确定,所以要一步一步迈好现在的脚步,副歌最后一句,‘I live a lifeUnpredictable’(我要的未来,无法预测)。

A:  Jackson only experiences her limited experience, thinking that the future may be limited and uncertain, and pushing your experience in step by step. The last line of the chorus is, 'I live a life,Unpredictable’.

B:  好了,本期的<The Voice>到这里就要和大家说再见了,先欣赏一段音乐,音乐过后精彩继续。

                             ~~The  One~~


A:   欢迎继续收听本期《Note Book》,这里是第二版块《New Sights》。听我们要介绍的是苏州园林。

B:   苏州园林位于苏州太湖园林博览园——文化体验中心,是世界文化遗产、国家AAAAA级旅游景区、中国十大风景名胜区之一。

A:  Suzhou garden is located in suzhou taihu lake garden expo garden - cultural experience center, is the world cultural heritage, national AAAAA level tourist attractions, one of China's top ten scenic spots.

B:  苏州古典园林素有园林之城之称,享有江南园林甲天下,苏州园林甲江南之美誉,誉为咫尺之内再造乾坤

A:  Suzhou classical garden known as the "city of gardens", enjoys the "jiangnan garden top world, suzhou garden top jiangnan" reputation, known as "within a short distance to recreate the universe".

B:  苏州古典园林在世界造园史上有其独特的历史地位和价值,以写意山水的高超艺术手法,蕴含浓厚的中国传统思想和文化内涵,是东方文明的造园艺术典范,是中华园林文化的翘楚和骄傲,是中国园林的杰出代表。

B:  Suzhou classical garden has its unique historical status and value in the history of world gardening. With the superb artistic technique of freehand landscape painting, it contains strong traditional Chinese thought and cultural connotation. It is the model of Oriental garden art, the leader and pride of Chinese garden culture, and the outstanding representative of Chinese gardens.

A:  201887日,第四批《苏州园林名录》正式公布,随着端本园、全晋会馆、墨客园等18座园林入选,苏州园林总数达到108座,苏州由园林之城正式成为百园之城

B:  201887日,第四批《苏州园林名录》正式公布,随着端本园、全晋会馆、墨客园等18座园林入选,苏州园林总数达到108座,苏州由园林之城正式成为百园之城

A:  On August 7, 2018, the fourth batch of the list of gardens in suzhou was officially announced. With the selection of 18 gardens including duanben garden, quanjin guild hall and moke garden, the total number of gardens in suzhou has reached 108. Suzhou has officially become the "city of gardens".

B:  好了本期的《New Sights》到这里就先告一段落了,接下来请欣赏一段音乐,音乐过后精彩继续。




A:   亲爱的听众朋友们,欢迎继续收听本期《Note Book》的第三版块《Daily Talk》,接下来,小编将与大家分享几段心灵鸡汤。

B:   悄悄地去努力,然后等变厉害之后蹦出来,把曾经看不起自己的人吓一大跳,才是我们现在需要当作目标的事。

A:   To work on it quietly, and then to jump out when it gets better, to scare the people who looked down on us, is what we need to aim for now.

B:   成熟的一个标志是,对世上原本你不能理解的事情,能坦然的接受。

A:   One of the hallmarks of maturity is the ability to accept things in the world that you would not otherwise understand.

B:  只要你想象得到,你就能做到;只要你能梦见,你就能实现。

A:   If you can imagine it, you can do it; As long as you can dream, you can achieve

B:   好了,本期《Note Book》到这里就全部播送完毕了,下周同一时间,我们不见不散。




                              ~~l honestly love you~~




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